The quality extra virgin olive oil is the only one obtained from the cold mechanical pressing of olives without any additives, so its components are kept intact for months.
Its nutritional properties have been proven by numerous scientific studies: it is rich in oleic acid, antioxidants such as vitamins E and A, polyphenols and oleocanthal to which have been attributed antineoplastic properties. These characteristics make the extra virgin olive oil an essential nutraceutical food for humans.
But how to recognize a quality EVO oil? You need to rely on the sense of smell and taste, in addition to chemical analyzes. Many people still do not know how to distinguish a good smell from a rancid or hot smell, or they cannot distinguish a healthy, bitter and spicy taste
from a poor and altered taste. A good oil can have a delicate, medium, or intense scent. Its olfactory scents recall aromatic herbs, cut grass, artichoke, almond, tomato and vegetables. The taste must still recall the vegetable aromas and be clean, bitter, spicy, more or less persistent, all characteristics that must be in balance with each other. Through the stamps that companies can put on their bottles, ItalyIooc guides and guarantees to the consumer the quality of the awarded EVO oil, with all those peculiarities listed above that extra virgin olive oil must necessarily have.